Friday, March 27, 2009

Back to real life and all it's drama

Well! I had a wonderful spring break. I got to go home and visit the family and friends. It was nice, everyone wanted to buy me lunch! =D

I was sad to go back to the real world. While I was gone our little hand mixers at work broke (the main big one broke a couple weeks back) and so we were all mixing everything by hand, and when you get a rush with lots of ice cream and all you have is a little metal spoon it's no fun!

But that's not the all of it. Aparently someone stole $460 from one of the deposits. We don't know who or how but it's gone, so things have been a little unsettling. The police are involved.. but really I don't know how much they can do, or want to do. Also we're down 33% in sales from last year. So we gotta figure something out. We've had tons of fun meetings and changes going on. So hopefully things will start looking up!!

Other than work - it was back to school too. I had one test that I think I did pretty good on and then just lots of fun homework. I'm very confused in math. I can't wait till I don't have to take any more math. Ever again!!!!!! ( I hope)

Other than that - that's about all that has been going on.

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break! Woooooooo!

It's Spring Break for me! Hurray! A week with no school and mostly no work!!! I'm excited. It'll be a nice break. And!!!! I'm going home for a few days! I'm leaving tomorrow and comin back wednesday or thursday, I'm still not sure....

It's going to be a good time cause some of my other friends will be down on their spring break also. It's going to be fun! =) And maybe I'll get some good halo time in too.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Image Tag!

1. go to your my document/my pictures

2. go to your sixth file

3. go to your sixth picture

4. blog about it

5. tag six people
Haha! This was the night before my big Castlerock climb with Rindy and Shane. My father learned that I didn't really know how to repel so he figured I should probably practice. And where would the best place to practice be? In the living room!
I tag Rindy, Clinton, Natalie, Dad (if he ever makes a blog) and... anyone else who reads this!