Friday, August 14, 2009

New Places!

Hello Everyone!!

As most of you know I'm now currently living in Orem! I'm loving it! I love the change, and the different pace, and pretty much just everything here.

Work has been going great, I'm working at a 24/7 store, where it's actually busy sometimes. Which makes it pass faster and more fun. And I enjoy bossing people around. =P Well, for the most part I do.

I finished my summer classes last week. It's nice having a couple of weeks of actual summer without school, but I start again August 26th. I'm taking 19 credits, so that means I'm going to have to cut my work schedule down. (Currently I work 40+ hours) So I'm thinking maybe 20 hours or so, we'll see how it goes. I just need to go down to the institute sometime and get a class there, and see how credit transfers and whatnot.

That's about it that's going on right now. I love you guys!