Monday, July 5, 2010

What? An update?

So after much badgering, I finally decided to check out my lil' ol' blog that I've neglected for.... 10 months? or so.... so here is some updates! I'm sure a lot of things have happened - but here is what I have pictures of! so enjoy!
So I've moved into a new apartment - it's a nice little place right by my school, so it makes walking to school very easy! (These are some pictures from the beginning, it's changed a bit in some spots)

Here is the Dinning Room/Kitchen

This is the Living Room and my Room

And here is me on my 22nd Birthday! hurrray!

Saul's Mom and friend also came up and visited for a day and we went to Bridal Falls and up to Salt Lake

Here is Saul and I standing in the waterfall

I also went on an adventure with Saul, Rindy, Shane, and some of their friends. We went hiking to a cave!! But... we couldn't find the cave for awhile, so we hiked across the hillside! It was pretty fun, till I got a migraine, and started feeling really sick, and I think dehydrated, and yeah..... I still love you guys! Even if you try to kill me every time I go with you =)

Saul and I at the beginning

The group starting up one of the tall hills

Half way up this huge hill!

Enjoying the view on the rocks

Taking a little sister sister time

I'm up so high!!! (And so far from the car!!)

We finally found the cave!!!! (In the top left of the picture)

Sitting in the cave waiting for the others to squeeze through

Saul squeezing through

Chilling in the Cave

After the cave - I don't remember a whole lot... just getting water poured on me... extremely cold!! but felt really good. Also sliding down the hill side with Rindy and her friend... but I survived! And give me a couple of days and I'll be ready to go again!

Other than that - I've just been working a lot! My typical work schedule involved opening at 5:30am in the morning and closing at midnight that same day and repeating it over again. Not the most fun... so I made a decision and decided to leave one place and just stick with one. Hopefully that will be happening next week! Then I'll have more time to.... update this blog! hurray! and to go out and enjoy the summer before I go back to school.

I hope you all enjoyed this update! And I'll try to do it a little more often than 10 months. =)

love you guys! Have a wonderful day!