Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I figure it's probably time for an update!

hah! So I'm finally getting around to updating. I think I'm just a tad to lazy to do it all the time, not to mention I don't get on the computer as much as I used to. Weird! huh. =P

As you all probably know by now, my Sonic shut down so I'm working down in Washington. It's actually not that bad, and it's nice having a new group of people to hang out with and to get to know. Generally my schedule goes as this: I drive down tuesdays and then stay till saturday and spend my weekends here in Cedar. I stay at my boss's house, where I have my own room and bathroom and I pretty much never see him and his wife. They go to sleep at 8 which is wayyy to early for me to be home. haha

Other than that I've just been working on my online classes and enjoying being a kid still (I may be an "adult" but I can still act like a kid!) before I have to actually live in the real world.

Last night I went ice blocking with some friends. My friend Skye and I had never gone so we decided to try it out. For those who don't know what it is - you buy a block of ice, go and find a really big hill and bring a towel. Then you put the towel on top of the ice and slide down the hill. It's actually really really fun! I think my favorite was sliding down on my stomach. =P
What was even better was we had a cop stop by, wondering what we crazy kids were doing and we almost got him to do it with us. He said if he wasn't on duty he woulda done it. hah!

We also all went to a dance saturday night. It was very.... interesting. It reminded me of HS. Probably because all the people there were IN HS. But that's okay, we had a good time nonetheless.

Anyways! I need to start packing and get ready for work. I'll try to update more often than once every 2 months!

Have a Wonderful day!!